Welcome to the MVQ*PASSPORTTOFUN information website!

You probably landed here after doing an online search for billing descriptor MVQ*PASSPORTTOFUN.

The billing descriptor MVQ*PASSPORTTOFUN, which likely appeared as a line item on your credit or debit card statement, references the amount you were billed for membership in Passport to Fun, the entertainment source that offers great savings on restaurants, movie tickets, home entertainment and shopping.

To retrieve your member login information or to cancel your membership, please visit the Membership Center.

If you want to stretch your entertainment dollars further without giving up family fun, Passport To Fun is the right place for you. A membership in Passport to Fun rewards you with a diverse selection of discounts at nationally-recognized retailers and entertainment outlets. If you don’t have your member ID handy, you can easily retrieve it by going to and then start using your benefits immediately.

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